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We’re stainless steel fabricators, coppersmiths, pipe-fitters, and maintenance engineers supplying markets at home and abroad.

We also design and build turn-key packages for new distilleries worldwide, as well as fabricate and supply equipment for distillery and plant upgrades and expansions.

In short, we provide everything you need for your project in one place. From start to finish. Right here in Elgin.

Elgin Workshop
Manufacturing Facility Details
Yard 4000 m2
Fabrication Workshop 1100 m2
Machine Shop 220 m2
Lifting Capacity 2x 10 ton overhead cranes
2x 5 ton overhead cranes

Coppersmiths • Stainless Steel • Pipe Fitters

Process design, engineering and manufacture

We have considerable experience designing and manufacturing equipment for the whisky and food and drink industries, working closely with customers to determine the best specification.

We use the latest CAD software. And everything we produce meets relevant engineering standards, including ASME, PED, PD and EN.

Turnkey projects

We can provide a full equipment design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and maintenance service for new distilleries, whether they’re retrofitting equipment into an existing building, or fitting out purpose-built premises.

Export, delivery and installation of distillation equipment

We’re trusted suppliers to clients spread across four continents in countries including New Zealand, Thailand, Japan and the United States.

We handle the shipping, and all the equipment is fully insured for the duration of its journey. And, when it’s on site our specialists oversee the installation from start to finish, making sure everything is as designed, is legislatively compliant, works as it should, and meets relevant health and safety standards.

We can also supply a full, specialist installation team, if required.


To keep things running smoothly and avoid costly unplanned downtime, we carry out annual maintenance covering every part of the plant equipment from the mash tun to process and safety valves.


Our expert blacksmiths use carbon steel to produce fixtures including handrails, stairs, and platforms.

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Distillation Equipment

Northern Fabricators designs, fabricates, and installs distillation and processing equipment, primarily for the international whisky industry.

Our services include:

  • Process design, engineering and manufacture
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Export, delivery and installation of distillation equipment
  • Column Stills
  • Pot Stills
  • Condensers and Tubular Heat Exchangers (multi pass)
  • Process Vessels & Equipment
  • Pipework
  • Spirit Safes

  • Column Stills
  • Pot Stills
  • Condensers
  • Mash Tuns
  • Process Vessels & Equipment
  • Pipework
  • Spirit Safes

We design and manufacture stainless steel and copper column stills in a range of sizes and specifications.

These copper stills are crafted to each client’s own requirements and can be manufactured with internal and external heating. We also make all Forsyth’s swan neck and copper bends for these stills.

These are manufactured from copper or stainless steel, and come in a range of sizes in both the traditional worm tub and modern shell and tube condenser designs. They can be configured to suit each client’s needs, for example with heat recovery multi-pass equipment.

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience we design and build Mash Tuns from 0.5 ton to 12 ton in size.   We fabricate in stainless steel with both copper or stainless tops covering all types of Mash Tun design and build including Lauter, Semi-Lauter and Tumbler type systems.  Our end to end Mash Tun design, fabrication and installation service can include all related process pipework, hardware process systems including pumps, heat exchangers.  In addition, we can provide develop and commission control systems to operate Mash Tun installations.  Our Maintenance team also cover all mechanical servicing of Mash Tuns to ensure downtime is minimised.

We manufacture a wide range of these vessels — in stainless steel, carbon steel or copper — in various sizes and configurations for every stage of the distillation process. Building a specification starts with what it’ll be used to store or process, and with easy access and temperature control front of mind.

From complex malt intake systems with fully mechanised malt conveyor systems to process vessels, hoppers and tanks, we offer all equipment and vessels to support your distillation or food and manufacturing process.  In addition, we can develop and commission control systems to operate all equipment.

Our expert designers and fabricators ensure that all of your equipment, vessels and pipework is easily accessible though our custom-built industrial steel flooring, access ladders, stairways and platforms.

We fabricate and weld — to domestic and international engineering standards — process pipe in stainless steel, carbon steel or copper, in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

All pipe is tested to stringent standards before it leaves our Moray facility.

To this day, the majority of sample safes are brass, but we also manufacture this equipment — crucial for working out where to make the cut in the spirit — in copper and stainless steel.

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